In order to increase the sales and the publicity Maserati joint-stock corporation then organized through its retailers also race mythical like the Motorcycle Turn of Italy, the Milan-Taranto and thousand others race to regional level, provincial and city. Names,  then and today illustrious like Angel Falzoni, Giuliano Trebbi and Guido Borri ran to the Turn of ltalia with motion Maserati 125 cc. of type M.S.D.S. (Blot of it Sports Derived from the Series) said also of Formula 2, in 1956, and will remain respective in order always cited in the white one of gold of the manifestation: Classified Falzoni 3', Borri 4' and Trebbi 7', few  minutes from the first one after one ridden of 8 total stages of 2563 Km. Apex was caught up from Maserati  in 1957, that it was unfortunately also the last one in which the two famous competitions were carried out (in fact in that year were forbidden the motorcycle manifestations on roads opened to the traffic). In the ltaly's Motogiro of the ' 57 the Maserati enrolled nine motorcycles in class 125 cc Formula THREE (mod. GTS)


from it originates them of the age of one registration to the MotoGiro of 1957


The Maserati contenders were in the registration order:
Nr. 33 Benito Carlotti (M.C. Asti)
Nr. 38 Bruno Lombardi (M.C. Ruggeri Bologna)
Nr. 47 Antonio Nardi (M.C. Firenze)
Nr. 48 Antonio Petrini (M.C. Ruggeri Bologna)
Nr. 53 Dante Avoni (M.C. Alberti Bologna)
Nr. 59 Giovanni Petri (M.C. Firenze)
Nr. 63 Giuliano Trebbi (M.C. Ruggeri Bologna)
Nr. 69 Antonio Milanti (M.C. MV Bologna)
Nr. 79 Guido Borri (M.C. Ruggeri Bologna


The contest carried out  from the 6 to the 14 April  in nine stages from Bologna to Bologna, crossing the peninsula, for a total of 2060 Km. All the Maserati runners reached the goal in the maximum times, excluded Dante Avoni, classifying themselves within the first hundreds (on 318 enrolled), fighting with inclemencies, fatigue and personages of the bore of Venturi, Milani, Mendogni, Rottigni, Graziano, Montesi and others.